Eurico Sá Fernandes (1991, PT) is an artist, designer and programmer living and working in Amsterdam. His research explores the implementation and implication of new prosthetics, with a particular focus on ecology, encryption and artificial intelligence.

A tensor is a basic building block of modern machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence). At its core, it is a data container which can contain multiple dimensions.
'Tensor' examines the potential impact that blockchain database characteristics can have on AI. Touching upon the politics of Big Data, it considers a decentralised planetary database to be a step to further unlock the potential of AI and new prosthetics
Medium Servers, WLAN, Decentralised Database, User-Data, VR Video
Date July, 2017
Immutability is a key characteristic of the Blockchain technology, provided by the use of a block and hash architecture. During the performance, the artist will interact with the installation, 'Tensor', destroying of the server nodes and demonstrating the potential of a decentralized database.
Medium Performance
Date July, 2017
Immutable Provenance (i)
'Backbone to New Prosthetics' lecture dissects the concept ‘new prosthetics’ and expands upon the genesis of 'Tensor' (also presented in the space).
It examines how the contact with Hyperobjects unveiled an era where the centre of the world is shifted away from the human realm. Therefore expanding the understanding the human world as a limited environment, a bubble. The 'new prosthetics' are an attempt to both understand the human bubble and surpass their limits.
Medium Keynote, Lecture, Performance
Date July, 2017
Backbone to New Prosthetics (i)
Performative lecture on possible intersection of Artificial Intellignece, Decentralized Systems and Big Data.
Medium Keynote, Lecture, Performance
Date April, 2017
Artificial Intelligence and Decentralised Big Data (i)
Medium Python, HTML
Date February, 2017
Organic Encryption (i)
Custom Wi-Fi Router with custom local network. Once connected to the Wi-Fi the visitors were presented with a series of algorithmic generated poems.
Part of the group show 'New Day Everything' at New Day Gallery (Berlin, DE)
Medium WLAN, Raspberry Pi, Python, Poetry, 3d Printed Routere
Date December, 2016
tensor.local (i)
Ongoing series of auto-generated poems using Wi-Fi network traffic.
Medium WLAN, Python, JPG
Date June, 2016
Sniffing Poems (i)
Medium Screen, HTML, Video, Raspberry Pi, Bench, Diesel fuel
Date April, 2016
5 Dark Jokes (i)
Medium Wi-fi Router, WLAN, Poem, Sand, Trolley
Date November, 2015
Pushing against the surface (i)